It’s time to conquer your peak

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Fitness is not about just walking in one place and swinging around weights with no purpose. Fitness is a value, a commitment in which you gain the strength, endurance and flexibility to tackle whatever life throws your way. It’s about challenging yourself, yet finding balance. It’s about celebrating your body by giving yourself permission to move, shake, stretch and bend. It’s about clearing your body, mind and spirit of stagnant and negative energy. It’s freedom to flow, and the commitment to yourself to show up even when you dont want to.

It’s time to let go of fear and judgment and unleash yourself.

The benefits of daily movement and regular exercise are endless here are just a few of my favorite:

More energy throughout the day

A clear mind and random sparks of genius  

Better mood and feeling more resilient 

Increased strength, flexibility and endurance

Regular bowel movements 

Maintaining a healthy weight long term

Exercise is a celebration of what your body can do!

Energy in Motion, Stays in Motion

These are the basic laws of physics. The more time you take off, the more effort it requires to start back up. While an object in motion tends to stay in motion. That is why consistency is key to exercise and movement. It doesn’t take long to get into a rhythm but it does take commitment and accountablity.

Exercise will change the chemistry in your whole system, once your body gets used to this new cocktail you will feel motivated to keep going. This new chemistry will also help you feel more creative and inspired to find new ways to challenge yourself and move your body.

We all know the benefits of exercise by now, so why don’t we move more?
– Fear of judgment
– Don’t feel good enough to even step into a gym “I’ll lose 5lbs then go to the gym”
– Belief that you have to go to the gym for hours at a time
– Deep down you don’t want to be seen

It’s limiting beliefs and negative emotions from the past that prevent us from taking action, even when we know it will keep us alive long term. That’s how powerful our subconcious thougths are. Also, when we’re not acting in aligment with our values we will find every excuse to quit.

If you’re sick and tired, of being sick and tired and you want to get out of your own way, it’s time for a Clean Lean Breakthrough Session. This intensive process will revitalize your spirit, clear your mind and set you up for long term success.

Once you have cleared the slate, eating clean and incorporating movement won’t be a struggle but something you look forward to as a way to nourish your body, mind and spirit.


3 Steps to Lasting
Empowerment and Transformation

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Step 1: Transcend 
Health Breakthrough

We’ll clear out old beliefs and stuck emotions that are draining your energy and holding you back from achieving your goals. These old energies subconciously stop you from trying, make you quit, or cause self-sabotage. Beliefs like:

-I hate working out
-Nothing works for me / I’ll never be able to lose the weight
-I don’t want to be seen / I’m not enough
-Healthy means boring
-There’s not enough time (for me)

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Step 2: Transform
Integration Work

Once you create space you have to intentionally fill it. Otherwise it is easy to slip back into what was familiar or take on new conditioning. Remember, the universe operates as a vacuum. You need to identity and embody your  new identity and supporting beliefs. You need to get clear on our values, aims, and goals. You need to integrate all parts of yourself so you are congruent within. Embodiment locks in the change.

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Step 3: Create
Action & Accountability

This is where we finally add in new habits like food and fitness. We will create a lifestyle that is in alignment with your new identity and values so there will be no resistance like before. Here accountability is key. As humans we need community.

-Learn how to nourish your body
-Move with purpose
-Learn how to manage your stress, increase joy and spark your imagination
-Create measurable and achievable goals

Doesn’t That Ring True?

Fitness is a balance of strength, flexibility & endurance

Clean Lean Fitness

Challenges, workouts, products and ideas to get you moving in a new direction!

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