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Release Anxiety & Find Peace Within

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Increase Your Energy & Vitality

Lose Excess Weight
& Maintain

Change Your Perception of Your Body

Sleep Better, Reduce Stress & Pain

Silence the Inner Critic

Shift from Pain into Power

Your health today is the sum total of your life experiences and your epigenetic expression. It’s an outward representation of your feelings and the thoughts running around in your mind all day.  Your beliefs, hidden commitments, and values filter what you think is possible. The great news is that you have the ability, and power, to shift all of this. You are not doomed, sentenced, or hopeless. You can change the trajectory of your life, I’ll show you how. 

You deserve  to have long, healthy, & purposeful life.

You have the power to change
the trajectory of your life.

Live Intentionally, Live Passionately™

  • The end results was greater than the 25 pounds I was able to shed. I am not afraid to explore new foods, I eat slower and more mindfully, I have much more patience and appreciate for myself and my body. I feel confidence and peace. Inna has a gift and goes above and beyond to make sure you find success.

    Jasmine K
Your path has led you to this moment…the choice is yours.

Health Breakthrough Package

Come alive through this 3 month transformational coaching container. This an opportunity to reinvent yourself and change the narrative of your whole life. This signature process is tailored to each person. This is just some of what you can expect:

    • Release years of negative emotions and limiting decisions
    • Align with your values
    • Create & embody new identify and beliefs
    • Cultivate inner peace
    • Find treasure in past trauma, discover power in your pain
    • Move from fear to FREEDOM
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Metabolic Code®
Health & Vitality Report

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Get an honest snapshot of your health as it stands today, what it means for your future, and what you can start doing right now to make sure you feel healthy and vitalized.

    • Determine the health of your 5 metabolic systems and where you need to focus NOW in order to turn your health around
    • Algorithm based on 16,000 equations
    • Assessment and diets have been developed over 40 years by the country’s top integrative medicine practitioners
    • Metabolic Code Diet programs are designed by team of dietitians to help reduce inflammation and blood sugar
    • Quality supplements developed specifically to optimize metabolic TRIAD function

Other Ways to Work With Me

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Do you suffer from allergies? Do you have a phobia that is holding you back from experiencing the most out of life? Or, do you have a compulsion toward a certain food that is setting you back in your health goals! Did you know that these conditions are actually temporary! Learn more about these a la carte services and other ways we can work together!

Clean Lean Lifestyle Resources

As they say, life happens when you’re busy making other plans. A Clean Lean Lifestyle is not just about food and fitness. It’s also about the people you hang out with, the information you ingest, the places you go, the adventures you have,  and how much joy and gratitude you bring into your day-to day.  I hope by sharing the people, places, and experiences that enrich my life that it will inspire you to try something new and seek more joy in your own life.

    • Mindset
    • Personal development
    • Product reviews for home and body
    • Clean Lean Travel Guides
    • Book reviews
    • Interviews

and more…

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“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” – Mary Oliver