Aloha! I’m Inna. 

My purpose is to … be a catalyst for change, to initiate you into cycles of growth, and provide new direction by offering transformative insights and awareness that change the way you think about, and perceive the world. I am here to help leaders like you create a solid foundation rooted in sustainability, personal integrity, sense of wholeness, and a dedication to your own well-being.

I can wake you up to  … your innate power to self heal and your ability to be the architect of your own reality. I will help you identify & release the small truths, hidden commitments, and old stories that are keeping you stuck in a loop.

I do this …  through a unique combination of ancient practices and modern science. I will guide you through a transformational breakthrough process that has the power to change he trajectory of your like by releasing karmic and intergenerational patterns. The process creates space for you to choose and embody a powerful new identity, step into the full expression of your quantum human design, and fulfill your purpose.

I will show you … how to find the treasure in your trauma, move from fear to freedom, and shift from pain to power. 

I believe we are … an expression of divine cosmic power, that we are magic. 

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“..the best way to know God/Source is to love many things.” Van Gogh

The Forever Student..

On a normal day you will find my nose in a book, or 3. Otherwise I will be at a training or taking an online course. I am a forever student. In Human Design I am a line 1, which is the archetype of an investigator, and I have the gate 48, the gate of wisdom, defined in my chart. My thirst for knowledge, my curiosity about why things are the way they are, and the need for a deeper level of understanding will never be satisfied and I LOVE that about myself.

I am dedicated to exploring, experimenting, and sharing the best empowerment tools and healing techniques out there.

The following represent cornerstones in my current practice:

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Huna Energy

The core of my work and philosophy is built on this system of ancient Hawaiian empowerment and energy healing arts.

Over 550 hours of training

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Master Practitioner & Trainer of NLP & Hypnosis

All learning and change are unconscious. We must understand the language of the mind and the relationship between the 3 selves in order to create permanent change.

Over 480 hours of training

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Precision Nutrition Health Coach

Properly fueling our bodies, being flexible with our approach, and understanding food as medicine is critical to our life span, health span, and happiness.

Few more highlights: I am certified as a Pranic Healing practitioner and Heart-Math Facilitator. I am currently working on my Quantum Human Design certification.

There is no suffering, only lessons to be learned along the way.

The Story of My Health & Wellness Journey

My relationship with my body has been one of my greatest teachers.

For many of us, life leads us to questioning the preciousness of our bodies. The journey differs for each person but the effect is usually the same. We end up mistakenly entangling our sense of worth with our size. Trauma leads us to wanting to be invisible, or creates a desire to pad ourselves against the external environment. Food becomes an illusion of control, pleasure, punishment, comfort, and belonging.  We have early memories of not fitting in, shame, and embarrassment. The criticism we faced externally becomes internalized, incessant, and harsher. Food becomes a source of anxiety, our bodies become a foe, never able to please us.

I have early memories of my body not fitting in with the rest of my peers. I dreaded PE and locker rooms. I just did not feel comfortable in, or proud of my body. Of course, puberty kicked my Eastern European dark hair into high gear which made things even worst. I was never super overweight, but in my head I was. I stopped swimming, which I loved at a young age, and convinced myself I didn’t even like summer. When in reality, I felt uncomfortable in shorts and swimsuits.

Academic stress, constantly relocating, and the perils of young love kicked me into cycles of yo-yo dieted during high school and college. You know how it is. In college, on top of drinking and all-nighters I would go from eating boiled chicken and vegetables one month, to eating a whole birthday cake in one sitting the next.

By 20, I had learned the benefits of weight training so I was able to mitigate the effects of alcohol and midnight burritos with daily gym sessions, sometimes two.

In the hero’s journey, we eventually come face to face with our dragon.

Around 24, I had just started flexing my manifestation muscles. Within 6 months I changed my whole life by applying principles of the Law of Attraction. I finally landed a job I loved, great roommates, and an apartment with a killer view of the city! I was feeling like a Rockstar… then BOOM out of left field I got sucker punched by my dragon.

Senior Year College

I got a diagnosis that I was not expecting. At the time the doctors cast a life sentence on me with one word, “incurable”. There was one treatment available that was harsh like chemo, cost almost $100k, and was not very effective. Needless to say, that was a hard pass. BUT, something in me knew that this was an initiation, just a chapter that I had a navigate with courage and curiosity. Everything would be okay.

The diagnosis truly turned out to be blessing in disguise. It taught me that there is no way to account for every variable in life. It began to teach me that control is an illusion and just causes undue anxiety. It gave me permission to live life. I decided that I would find a way to heal myself! I went searching for examples of other people that had healed from “incurable” diseases. I found so many inspiring accounts of radical remission from around the world. The ability to self-heal is within each of us.

Mid-20s | Body Transformation

I dove further into personal development, and nutrition and become hyper focused on being healthy. I dabbled in being vegan, vegetarian, and created Clean Lean Lifestyles with a true desire to help and empower others to heal. But no extreme is healthy. I was still trying to control things, and was motivated by fears and insecurity. During this time even though I was the “smallest” I had ever been in my life, I didn’t see myself that way. I was still suffering from body dysmorphia to some degree, stressing about every bite.

By my late 20’s I discovered NLP, HUNA, and other energy modalities. I learned that physical manifestations of pain and dis-ease are symptoms of what’s happening in our mind and emotional bodies. A huge shift happened when one day my teacher looked at me and said that anything is possible, “if anyone else on the planet has healed from this so can you, and if they haven’t you can be the first.”

WOAH! I remember a wave of hope washing over me, I probably gasped for air.

The lifelong curse the original doctor had put on me was lifted in a single breath. It was then I truly learned the power of our words, their ability to give life or death, and how much it means for someone to have faith in you.

This was the turning point. NLP & HUNA gave me the powerful tools I needed to take the covers off and start exploring my beliefs, hidden commitments, unresolved emotions, and generational trauma. I began reconnecting to and strengthening my relationship with my higher self. I discovered that healing and curing are two different things. I focused not just on my physical health, but also the integrity of my mental and emotional bodies as well.

The journey of self-healing is a lifelong commitment, a dedication to yourself, to your evolution, it is for the courageous, there is no overnight pill.

During this time of self-exploration, a new treatment was released worldwide, which I eventually received, for only $10 instead of $84k (a great story for another day)! I trusted my intuition for right timing, and treated the whole 8 week treatment as a ceremony. I mixed ancient wisdom with modern technology to create the outcome I had envisioned all along. I finally learned to let go of control, to let go of the how, and simply have faith in the outcome.

9 years after my diagnosis I am officially “cured’ and healthier than ever. MORE importantly through my process I have learned to LOVE my body, to see it as my greatest ally and teacher. I now hear its whispers and know how to interpret the messages. I finally see myself.  I am no longer swinging from one extreme to the next in my health. I am SO proud and grateful for my body and the adventures she’s taken me on. Food is a blessing, and a pleasure in the moment. I am driven by my aims, instead of motivated by fears of the past. And of course, I found my path, my passion, and purpose to guide and teach others to do the same.

As humans, we tend to make deals with god when we hit bottom. One day balling my eyes out in my car, feeling overwhelmed and ready to surrender, I said “god, if you help me through this, I promise to help others.” And so it is. I’m here to be of service and share everything I learned over the last decade. I want to give you Marauder’s Map (Harry Potter reference) with all the secret passages and staircases so you can get through your own heroes journey healthier and stronger than ever as well. I have faith in you.

Mind, Body & Soul Aligned

Do the thing that makes your eyes twinkle when you talk!

“Know Thy Self”

My teachers always say, “the 3 most important things are to know who you are, where you come from, and where you are going.” We each have a unique energy signature, an essence. It’s been with you from brith, it’s under the layers of conditioning, beyond your inner critic, and past other people’s expectations.  Ask yourself, “what brings me joy,  what lights me up, what turns on my desire for life?” Follow feelings of joy and wonder. Step into your essence confidently, that is your true gift to the world.

Here is a peak into what I have discovered about myself.


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5/1 Splenic Manifestor

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Leo Sun
Pieces Moon
Aquarius Rising

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Dharma = Teacher

Life Purpose:  To change the way people think about and perceive the world.  To initiate waves of transformation. To show leaders how to lead from a place of personal integrity, wholeness, wellness and vitality.

Soul Mission:  To master the ability to live in the flow of joy and cultivate inner peace, to fine tune manifestation through inner mastery, and to show others how to do the same.

The things that bring me joy!

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Hiking / Nature

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Spontaneous Adventures

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Spiritual Retreats

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Reading / Learning

“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?” Van Gogh

Are you ready for a health breakthrough?
It’s time. You are Ready.

In Hula, our drum leader calls out to us before he first hits the drum. He doesn’t ask if we’re ready, it’s not a warning to get ready, he simple says “READY”. Meaning it’s go time, you are ready. As they say when the student is ready the teacher appears. You called this in on some level, all you have to do is say yes to your own prayer!

Metabolic Code® Health & Vitality Report

The report is a great way to benchmark and track your health and vitality. There are several packages that include a report. Please look through and contact me if you need help deciding which package would be the best fit for you.

Full Health Breakthrough Package

Wipe the slate clean, and start fresh. This is my recommendation for the most impact. Stop playing around and dive into reinventing yourself. Learn more and reach out if you have any questions, or would like to set up a quick 15min call to meet!

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