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I love trying new products. I have spent hours digging through Amazon looking for great value, high impact, and quality products that get the job done. On this page you’ll find my go-to fitness, health, kitchen products and well as some of my favorite books.  As an Amazon Associate I could earn from qualifying purchases that are made from the links below.

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Clean Lean Fitness

I have been consistently doing BeachBody workouts for ten years now! Wow times flies. Most of the time I worked out in small apartments or go to the gym. Over the years I have tried EVERY fitness gadget under the sun. Here are the ones that are versatile, can be used in small apartments, can easily be taken with you, and that work.

The Occulus is an incredible thing. It’s the future of travel, business, education and most definitely the future of fitness. Shoot me a message if you get one we can be friends!

Cordless Jump Rope

Mini Stepper

Fitness Bands

Foot Sliders

Bowflex Dumbbells

Balance Board

Apple Air Pods Pro

Occulus 256gb Kit

Clean Lean Kitchen

I don’t know about you, but I’m one of the those cooks that can whip up a meal in 15minutes but leaves the kitchen looks like a tornado went through it. I like to take things out of the fridge and come up with combos on the fly. I’ve gotten a lot of kitchen gadgets over the years, here are the ones I consistently use the most. Cooking healthy is easy when you have the right tools.

Ninja Blender

Ninja Air Fryer


Portion Fix Containers

Glass Containers

Berkey Water

Clean Lean Library

I LOVE personal growth and development books, books about the mindbody connection, and quantum reality. I love anything that will make me question reality and remind me of the cosmic power that lives in each of our cells. Here are some of the books that were pivotal in my own health and wellness journey and in understanding that our mind-body-spirit are connected, that every cell is listening to the direction you give it through the words you speak and think to yourself. These books will remind you that you are the healer, your health, your life, is in your hands.

Mind Body Prescription

Mental & Emotional Release


Letting Go

Biology of Belief 

Chakras for Beginners

Radical Remission

Cracking the Metabolic Code

Molecules of Emotion

Language of Emotions

Power of the Subconscious Mind

The Power of Now

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