Ready for Your Personalized 
Health Breakthrough?

Sleep better, feel rested

Reduce emotional extremes

Feel good in your body

Change family patterns

Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Stop stress eating

Quiet your inner critic

Untangle worth and size

Reduce stress induced pain 

Feel radiant and healthy

See yourself differently 

Get results without struggle 

Aren’t you tired of… 

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  • Not feeling lovable, powerful, valuable, or seen?
  • Feeling sick and tired all the time?
  • Yo-yo dieting and spending money on fad products?
  • The harsh self-critic in your mind?
  • Carrying the weight of the past in your body?
  • Feeling out of control with your choices?
  • Not feeling comfortable in your own body?
  • Not being able to do what you want with ease?
  • The inner turmoil & sense of battling against yourself?
  • Feeling like your body is a foe and not a friend?
  • Being in pain all the time
  • Struggling against yourself to do what you know if good for you

I Invite You To Explore
a Health Breakthrough.

This is not a weight loss program. This is a high impact transformational container that guides you through exploring and healing multiple layers of your foundation. The goal is to have sustainable health, vitality, and personal integrity so you can live life to the fullest. Unlike other programs the focus is not on food and exercise, that comes later. Our first focus will be on identifying and clearing the beliefs, patterns, decisions, and hidden commitments that are running in the background creating your current experience. We will address your inner

critic, integrate parts of you that are misalignment, and take you through a powerful forgiveness process. Once we have cleared the slate we will work on seeding new beliefs, identifying your health values, crafting an aim that will call you forward, and goals to help you track your progress. New eating and exercise habits will plug in easily at this point, without sabotage lurking around the corner. You will feel congruent and aligned from the inside out, embodying a new sense of self, treating yourself with love and respect.

Here’s what you get with this package

Multi-Session Health Breakthrough

Health Values Deep Dive

Ho’oponopono Session

Parts Integration & Dichotomy Recalibration

Embodiment & Visioning Session

2 Metabolic Code® Assessments 

16 Week Metabolic Code® Diet Program

1 Food Compulsion & 1 Allergy Release Session

Free Mental & Emotional Release Ebook

3x Integration Coaching Sessions 

You’ll be guided every step of the way

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Go through the intake process, complete any additional tasks recommended, and your initial Metabolic Code® assessment.

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The breakthrough sessions will be over zoom, scheduled over the course of 1 month.

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Once you have completed the breakthrough we’ll discuss a nutrition & exercise plan.

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In some cases we may add supplements to the plan.

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You will have your second assessment done at the end to track progress.

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Continue with integrative coaching sessions to keep you accountable, focused, and taking aligned action.

The breakthrough, break down

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This is a high level break down of what we’ll cover during the actual breakthrough sessions. Each breakthrough is personalized, so sessions may differ for each person.  The price is not based on hours but on results. This way we can focus on what’s most important, progress.
Sessions will be done in the comfort of your own home, over zoom. In person sessions may be arranged upon request, please contact me to discuss options.

Detailed personal history, personal integrity assessment, identify metrics of success and identify the greater problem, the hidden commitment that has been calling the shots.

Part 2: NOA – Release Work
Thorough emotional release work around greater problem. Full Ho’oponopono session.

Part 3:  NOHO – Integration & Embodiment
Recalibrate core dichotomies, parts integration, identify & integrate new core beliefs.

Part 4: PULE – Align & Manifest
Health values, aim and personal integrity deep dive. Embodiment & visioning exercise.

Your body is your greatest ally. What messages is it sending you?

Metabolic Code® Vitality Assessment

Weight is NOT just calories in and calories out. You are a complex, multifaceted human being.

Your current metabolic health is a sum total of your life experiences. These experiences turn on and off your epigenetic expression that regulate how effectively you are operating. The good news is that you are not doomed by your family history, genes, or age. Health and vitality is available to everyone, at any age,  you simply need the code to unlock it.

The Metabolic Code® reports give you insight into how well your metabolic systems are working, how far away you are from optimal health and vitality, and where you need to focus specifically to achieve your goals. Based on over 40k equations, this report is your personalize roadmap to health.

Two assessments are included with this package. We will use the reports to track your progress as you go through the health breakthrough process.

You can learn more about Metabolic Code® HERE

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Does this really work, does it last?

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My logical mind was the first to ask these questions. I can say with confidence that the techniques I utilize with clients are effective and last. These techniques have been around for more than 30 years, have tons of data, and research to back them up, and some have been tested in a clinical settings. The Mental and Emotional Release® technique got better results than CBT when used with clinically depressed patients, with zero relapse.  The Metabolic Code® assessment is currently used by top integrative care practitioners around the country, and with professional athletes.

I also utilize energy during our sessions which creates an even more powerful top down affect, working simultaneously on all four bodies, clearing karmic and generational patterns.

You don’t need to consciously understand any of the techniques used. The only thing required of you is an honest desire to create change in your life, to show up fully present, focused, and willing to explore.


  • The end results was greater than the 25 pounds I was able to shed. I am not afraid to explore new foods, I eat slower and more mindfully, I have much more patience and appreciate for myself and my body. I feel confidence and peace. Inna has a gift and goes above and beyond to make sure you find success.

    Jasmine K
  • I was able to connect at such a powerful level to my needs when it came to food. And I realized that for years I had some fear around it! With that awareness and releasing of old beliefs I now have a new fabulous relationship and mindset when it comes to my choices. The awareness and actions have stuck, thanks to Inna’s magical and insightful ways about her! I felt completely safe and able to share anything! And I am forever grateful for her expertise!

    Paula H.

Leadership requires sustainable health, vitality, & personal integrity.

Do you have a foundation in place to support your mission and vision?

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You are here to be of service, to be a leader, to help usher the world into the next level of consciousness, and to help create sustainable solutions for the future.

Your body, and your health is your greatest ally in achieving your purpose. It is the vehicle through which you serve. This is why it’s so important to make your health your top priority when looking at business strategy. It should be a cornerstone of your success.

Being a leader requires you to manage a large amount of energy, internally and externally. A health breakthrough will make sure that you have the unshakeable foundation necessary to stay grounded and provide direction.

The health breakthrough will help you get your health, vitality, and personal integrity in alignment with the rest of your life. Balance is an illusion but there can be harmony between all areas of life so there is no need to pick one thing or another but have them work together in synergy.

Gone are the days of needing to prove your worth by over doing, burning the candle stick at both ends, and working yourself into a state of burnout.

The world needs you operating at your best.

Ready to Get Started!?

  • 3 Month Breakthrough + Coaching
    $Let's Chat
    • Full Health Breakthrough Process (6-9hrs)
    • 8 Coaching Sessions
    • 2 Metabolic Code® Vitality Reports
    • Metabolic Code Diet® Plan
    • Includes Allergy Release & Take Control Sessions
    • Access to mobile app for food, fitness, lifestyle tracking & feedback
    • Learn More HERE

On the discovery call we will assess where you are, where you want to be in 3 months, how we can work together to get you there. The goal is to see if this is a good fit, a partnership, as we embark on this adventure together. Looking forward to chatting with you!

“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?” Van Gogh

Other Ways To Work With Me

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Explore other offerings and coaching options. I know we can find at least one way to move you toward your goals today. The universal law of reciprocity says that when you take action and commit to bettering yourself, the universe will not only will meet half way but I believe it will double down on helping align things in your favor.