It all starts from within.

What can you expect from eating a clean, plant based, nutrient dense organic diet?  For starters…

Energy throughout the day

Clear radiant skin

Easily maintain a healthy weight without counting calories

Heal your gut & boost your immune system

Mental clarity & focus 

Regular bowel movements 

Reduce your medical bills & insurance


Welcome to The Clean Lean Kitchen

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The health and wellness journey is different for everyone, but an integral part of getting getting healthy is always food and nutrition.

We have to learn the difference between real food and product.

We have to be intentional about what we consume and make our well-being a priority.

This lifestyle is not about extremes, it’s about balance and tuning into your body’s signals and needs.

The important thing to consider is this – you can’t outrun a bad diet.

The saying “you are what you eat” is spot on. What you’re eating today becomes the building blocks of of your body tomorrow. What does your future look like when you look at your plate right now? Is it drab, lifeless and heavy OR light, vibrant, and colorful?

Eating healthy doesn’t mean you have to break the bank, it doesn’t make you high maintenance, and it doesn’t mean that you are forever comdemmed to a life of boiled veggies and being hungry.

In fact, eating clean will open a whole new world of possibility. You’ll discover new colors, flavors and textures that will excite and literally change your senses. You’ll connect with a whole new community of people, and you’ll find a new sense of vitality and happiness in your day to day life that comes from within.

Steps To Success

Health Breakthrough

We’ll clear out old beliefs and stuck emotions that are draining your energy and holding you back from achieving your goals. These old energies subconciously stop you from trying, make you quit, and cause self-sabotage. Beliefs like:

-I hate working out
-Nothing works for me / I’ll never be able to lose the weight
-I don’t want to be seen / I’m not enough
-Healthy means boring
-There’s not enough time (for me)

Integrative Coaching

We’re going back to the basics and building your foundation from the ground up . Together we’ll create a new lifestyle that you’ll enjoy and that is in alignment with your values and life.

-Learn how to nourish your body
-Move with purpose
-Learn how to manage your stress, increase joy and spark your imagination
-Create measurable and achievable goals

Accountability & Focus

We are more willing to let ourselves down than others. This is why accountability is the secret to success and why ongoing coaching is critical as you solidify the your new Clean Lean Lifestyle.

Life will throw obstacles at you to see just how committed you are to your new goals, together we will keep you focused and on track. You’ll quickly learn to Live Intentionally, Live Passionately™


“Let thy food be thy medicine” – Hippocrates

Clean Lean Kitchen

Recipe ideas, nutrition resources, favorite product & more, to tantalize your senses and nourish your body!

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