Metabolic Code®
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Your Personalized Road Map Back to Feeling Good, Fast.

Enjoy sustainable energy

Regain strength & sense of flow

Increase endurance

Improve gut and immune health

Improve your mood 

Lose weight in healthy way

Increase resiliency 

Decrease inflammation & pain

Learn healthy eating habits

What is the Metabolic Code®

Assessment – Report – Supplements – Diet – Coaching

Developed over 40 years by the country’s leading integrative medicine practitioners and dietitians, the Metabolic Code® assessment & report give you a clear, concise, and honest look at your current state of health, where you are headed, and what changes you should be making now to increase not only your lifespan, but your health-span.

You can do this from the comfort and safety of your own home, a detailed lifestyle assessment will be emailed to you. Once you complete the assessment, a report will be generated which shows the current state of your 5 Metabolic TRIADS and what needs to be addressed now in order to get you back to a state of optimal health and vitality quickly

The Metabolic Code® report helps us formulate an actionable plan which includes a combination of: nutrient support through supplementation, a way of eating that promotes health from a cellular level, and moderate exercise.

I believe in taking a dynamic systems approach to health, in which everything in the body is interconnected. Our cells, our emotions, our thoughts, all set the stage and write the script for what we end up experiencing in our physical body. You still have time to edit the script and create a new ending for yourself.

5 Key Metabolic Pathways of Health

We are complex beings and despite all the information out there, practitioners still have a hard time figuring out where to start with clients.  That is the beauty of this assessment. This powerful algorithm runs your data through over 40k equations and synthesizes complex metabolic systems down into 5 easy to understand groupings.

The report leads us to exactly where YOU need to start and focus in order to make the biggest shift in your health, quickly.

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How It Works

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Take in depth lifestyle questionnaire from the comfort of your own home. Take on average 15-20min to complete.

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Receive a personalized health and vitality report that clearly shows you the health of your 5 TRIADS, and what it means.

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You get a 1-1 telehealth session to discuss your report and the changes you can make today to increase vitality.

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You’ll receive Metabolic Code® Diet guides to help get your nutrition back on track which will make a HUGE difference.

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The report also generates supplement suggestions to help support the TRIADS that are most out of balance.

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Full online patient portal to access diet materials, schedule appointments, and send messages if needed.

“Let thy food be thy medicine” – Hippocrates

Metabolic Code® Diet & Nutrition Program

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“You can’t out run a bad diet” if you are serious about turning your health around you have to start with what is on your plate. It is true, there is no “one-size fits all” when it comes to diet, but there are some universal truths that will help you level set and give your body the break it needs to ramp back up and begin the healing process.

Inflammation is at the root of all dis-ease and elevated blood sugar can create a significant burden on your whole system. In combination you have the perfect storm, throw in environmental burdens from chemicals, plastics and pollution, and chronic stress and your body is at a breaking point.

This program focuses on two things in order to help decrease metaflammation and to balance blood glucose levels. The first is an elimination process in which possible food allergens are removed from the diet, the second is general portion control and limiting carbs.

By the end of the program you will be more in tune with what your body. This becomes a way of life as you begin to experience a difference in how you feel, and you see improvements in your energy, your skin, your sleep, your recovery, pain, your weight and more.

Get Started, Choose a Package

There are several packages that include the Metabolic Code® Vitality Assessment. If you have any questions, or need help choosing a package please contact me HERE.

  • Health Benchmark
    • 1 Metabolic Code® Questionnaire based Report
    • 1hr call to review your results and discuss health goals/blockers
    • Phase 1 MC Diet documents to get you started
  • Allergy Relief
    • 1 Metabolic Code® Questionnaire based report
    • 1 allergy release (cats, dogs, pollen, eggs etc)
    • 1hr call to review your results and discuss health goals/blockers
  • Take Control
    • 1 Metabolic Code® Questionnaire based report
    • 1 food addiction release(chips, cereal, candy etc)
    • 1hr call to review your results and discuss health goals/blockers
  • Full Health Breakthrough
    • 2 Metabolic Code® Vitality Reports
    • Full Health Breakthrough Process (Over 12hrs)
    • Includes Allergy /Food Release & Automated Diet, Plus
    • Learn More HERE

If  we decide it would be a good fit, you can roll the price of the Benchmark, Relief, and Control packages into a full Health Breakthrough or Release Work Package, if done within two weeks of the session.

“Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live” -Jim Rown