Guiding you back to what you already know within.

The purpose for my work is to help you breakthrough the limits in your story, ignite your imagination, wake up your passion and sent your soul on fire.  Once this is achieved, you can be what you want, do what you desire, and have everything you can imagine.

In my work I bring together ancient knowledge and apply it in a modern way which results in high impact, transformational coaching that can guide you in overcoming obstacles quickly and super charging your life.

I take a holistic approach that looks beyond the presenting problems and symptoms and targets the root cause that keeps you trapped in cycles and patterns.  We explore all 4 bodies (spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical,) as well as the 3 selves (conscious, unconscious, and high self.)

I am a Huna practitioner, a Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP and Mental Emotional Release(MER)® Therapy.  I am a certified Precision Nutrition Health Coach, Pranic Healing practitioner, and am currently pursuing my Quantum Human Design certification. I have been in the field of personal growth development for over 10 years. I’m committed to continually adding more to my toolkit and serving others to the best of my ability. 

My own health and wellness journey led me to want to service other. Read more about it here.

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I’m calling in and inviting those who are ready to quantum leap, who are ready to change their trajectory, and step into their power. Looking for those souls that are…

  • Are ready to step into their full quantum potential
  • Want to serve more powerfully and have sustainable energy
  • Want to feel radiant and joyful
  • Are ready to find treasure in trauma, power in their pain, and move from fear to freedom!
  • Want to learn how to activate innate healing powers
  • Are open minded and willing to give it whatever it takes to get to the next level
  • Are curious and flexible and value growth!
  • Who want to learn how to manifest more powerfully!!

Live Intentionally, Live Passionately ™

3 Steps to Lasting
Empowerment and Transformation

Have you tried to use will power to change a habit, have you tried positive affirmation to no avail? Are you frustrated swinging from one extreme to another? I’m sure you’ve already tried diets, pills, detoxes, and maybe even counseling.. It’s not your fault that nothing has stuck, yet!

It’s an illusion that there is a one fix fits all product or plan when it comes to health and wellness. You are a multi-faceted human being with layers, past experiences, and a unique energy blue print. You need a unique approach.

Most programs address only the physical layer, which is really the symptom, the final manifestation of what’s happening underneath. My signature Health Breakthrough takes a top down approach – we look at spiritual, mental, emotional, and then physical.

I pull from multiple modalities and look at your unique energetic makeup in order pinpoint the root of the disharmony. Instead of trying to stuff new habits and patterns on top of old patterns and baggage we focus on clearing and creating space first.  Then you choose and integrate a whole new identity. This is what creates significant and lasting change.

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Step 1: Transcend
Breakthrough Session

We’ll clear out old beliefs and stuck emotions that are draining your energy and holding you back from achieving your goals. These old energies subconsciously stop you from trying, make you quit, or cause self-sabotage. Beliefs like:

-I hate working out
-Nothing works for me / I’ll never be able to lose the weight
-I don’t want to be seen / I’m not enough
-Healthy means boring
-There’s not enough time (for me)

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Step 2: Transform
Integration Work

Once you create space you have to intentionally fill it. Otherwise it is easy to slip back into what was familiar or take on new conditioning. Remember, the universe operates as a vacuum. You need to identity and embody your  new identity and supporting beliefs. You need to get clear on our values, aims, and goals. You need to integrate all parts of yourself so you are congruent within. Embodiment locks in the change.

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Step 3: Create
Action & Accountability

This is where we finally add in new habits like food and fitness. We will create a lifestyle that is in alignment with your new identity and values so there will be no resistance like before. Here accountability is key. As humans we need community.

-Learn how to nourish your body
-Move with purpose
-Learn how to manage your stress, increase joy and spark your imagination
-Create measurable and achievable goals

Change can happen in an instant.
Are you ready to take the first step?

Current Offerings

After years of searching, studying, and flying around the world to do trainings I have finally honed all my passions into distinct services that I can confidently offer to you. The approaches, packages and techniques that I use are unique, effective and highly personlized to each individual.

Work With Me

Full Health Breakthrough Package

Health is not just diet and exercise, it is a glimpse into our values, what we do with our time, and the weight of all our past experiences manifesting into the physical.

During the Clean Lean Breakthrough sessions we clear emotional blocks and disrupt limiting beliefs that you subconsciously adopted years ago and have been holding you back. 

We will create goals based on your values and make sure you are fully in alignment and integrity with your actions going forward.

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Metabolic Code® Health Report

The Metabolic Code® report is a great way to benchmark and track your health and vitality. Fill out a detailed questionnaire and receive a personalized road map to health. Your data is run through over 60K equations that are based on clinical research. You will know where you are in your health, how far away you are from feeling good, where you’re headed and most important what you can do today to change the trajectory.

Work With Me

Transformational Coaching

Setting goals, taking inspired action, and staying focused are all key to making lasting changes. Coaching after the breakthrough process helps keep you accountable and in alignment with your new values, goals and way of being.

  • Embody your new identity with visioning and meditation practices. 
  • Define your NEW value-centered goals and aims
  • FAST TRACK new habits 
  • Accountability to help you stay focused
  • CELEBRATE your achievements, instead of letting them float by unrecognized.
Work With Me

Energy Work

We are energy, as the Genie would say “we are infinite cosmic power in an itty bitty living space.” I have always believed there is more than benoist the eye. Science is just now able to prove what mystics have known for centuries.

Energy work is about re-establishing harmony, balance, and opening up the pathway for the body to do what it knows best, heal itself. There are many healing myths out there, my aim is to help you remember the healing magic that’s within all of us.

I incorporate energy work into all my sessions. Contact me to see if there is availability for energy sessions and if I am able to address your specific needs.

*Breakthroughs can be applied to any area of life. If you are interested in doing a breakthrough on a different areas of like please contact me.

“You’re one decision away from a totally different life.”

Real People, Real Results

  • The end results was greater than the 25 pounds I was able to shed. I am not afraid to explore new foods, I eat slower and more mindfully, I have much more patience and appreciate for myself and my body. I feel confidence and peace. Inna has a gift and goes above and beyond to make sure you find success.

    Jasmine K
  • I was able to connect at such a powerful level to my needs when it came to food. And I realized that for years I had some fear around it! With that awareness and releasing of old beliefs I now have a new fabulous relationship and mindset when it comes to my choices. The awareness and actions have stuck, thanks to Inna’s magical and insightful ways about her! I felt completely safe and able to share anything! And I am forever grateful for her expertise!

    Paula H.

Ala’ Cart Transformational Coaching Sessions

These techniques are very powerful and transformative on their own. As Shrek says, we’re like onions, we all have layers. We have pressures, obligations, internal conflicts that arise simply from being human and going through life. It’s important to have a space and container to release this pressure. Otherwise, the energy will sit and fester in your body eventually manifesting in pain, dis-ease, and mental and emotional discomfort.

Hover over or click on the image to show details.

Forgive yourself and others. Keep your energy field clear. Gain closure, and process grief.
Private Hiolani Meditation
Private Hiolani Meditation
Private Hiolani Meditation
Think of this container like a spiritual massage, or a mental vacation. Allow your self to melt into the light. This full body relaxation and meditation session will help melt away your tension and stress, reset your nervous system.
Parts Integration
Parts Integration
Parts Integration
Resolve internal conflicts, quite the inner critic, find peace within, neutralize extremes in your life .. " a part of me" "I'm torn" "keep getting tossed around" .. sound familiar?
Phobia/Fear Management & Release
Phobia/Fear Management & Release
Phobia/Fear Release
Phobias and fears were created to protect you but they are not always rational and can hold you back from living the life you desire. Neutralize the fear and crippling anxiety. Time to fix your faulty car alarm.
Food Compulsion Release
Food Compulsion Release
Food Compulsion Release
Can't put down the chips, over doing it on the sweets? Is it keeping you from your health goals or just making you feel guilty and out of control? Regain your control and feel great about your choices!
Allergy Management & Relief
Allergy Management & Relief
Allergy Relief
Neutralize allergies, decrease immune response, and release allergy entirely. Pet dander, pollens, standard foods, etc
Human Design Fundamentals
Human Design Fundamentals
Human Design Fundamentals
Want to know what makes you unique and special? Want to be in flow and manifest simply by being? We'll go over your fundamentals of your unique energy blueprint, how to begin reconditioning and living in accordance to your design.
Anxiety Management & Release
Anxiety Management & Release
Anxiety Release
Are you having a crisis of imagination? Do you feel easily triggered? Stop weaving fear into your future. Learn to use the power of your imagination to temper your anxiety and create the future you want!
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